Rope jumping

Love the thrill? Then we suggest jumping from the 28-meter Adrenaline tower in Bukovel.

Rope jumping implies free fall on climbing ropes from high objects – bridges, rocks, buildings. This entertainment has become quite popular among tourists and residents. Today, jumping stations are installed even in shopping centers, at various high objects. But such jumps cannot be compared with flying over the lake. Inexpressible emotions you feel when you fly like a bird with a view of the forests of the Carpathians.

Are you afraid of heights? Rope jumping will help overcome fear and transcend oneself. Once you feel the adrenaline during the jump, you will want to repeat it again. After such an active attraction, all the problems will seem a trifle, compared with surviving emotions of fear and pleasure. Indescribable swing of emotions before and after the jump.

In rope jumping (rope jumping), exclusively special climbing equipment is used, which regularly undergoes a thorough inspection and constant monitoring.

Instructors undergo careful selection, renew their qualification skills every six months and confirm them at special exams of an international standard. Specialists can provide first aid and know what to do in unusual situations. Visiting this attraction you can be sure of your safety at 100%.

You can get all the interesting information about this entertainment in Bukovel by phone:

+38 (066) 338-44-33

+38 (068) 338-44-33

Adrenaline Tower Operation Mode:

  • on weekdays (Monday to Friday) — from 10:00 to 19:00
  • on days off (Saturday, Sunday) — from 10:00 to 19:00
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